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Why do you call it a cruise when you're not on a ship?
Parrothead Cruise 2012 is our thirteenth adventure, but the first one based on land. All of our previous events have been aboard a cruise ship. The term Parrothead Cruise originally referred to our phlocking at sea, but over time has come to mean something else. Now it's the name for the great phlocking presented annually by the Atlanta Parrot Head Club regardless of venue. We're used to calling this our Parrothead Cruise, and the folks who come along are cruisers!

Why the change?
What makes the Parrothead Cruise special is the chance to spend time in the tropics with great people while listening to terrific Trop Rock entertainers, enjoying Parrothead parties and events and doing some good while we're at it. It was always about the journey and not the destination, and it certainly wasn't about a ship! Since our former cruise line partner left us standing at the dock we looked around at alternatives - and not just at another cruise line. One of the most frequent suggestions we've received over the years was to try something new - instead of hosting our event at sea, why not find a tropical location and call it home? The same people, the same energy, the same activities, the same fun and the same Party with a Purpose. Thanks to cruisers Jennifer and Edward O'Connor, that's exactly what we did.

What does the price include?
Pretty much everything. On the Saturday you arrive, transportation will be provided to the host hotel. On Sunday our adventure includes a tour of Panama City and the Panama Canal, as well as lunch and later that evening a Folklore Show and Dinner. On Monday transportation will be provided to the Sheraton Bijao Beach Resort. Once you're at the resort, all of your meals, drinks and most land and water sports are included, as are complete use of all of the resorts amenities. Your registration also includes all of the parties, events and entertainment provided by the Atlanta Parrot Head Club. The price also includes travel protection insurance. 

There are some exceptions including: Bar service at the host hotel, optional excursions, gambling in the casino, shopping, most spa services, and of course there’s always a raffle or two for Parrothead prizes.

Your registration price does not include air transportation to or from Panama. Our travel partner Destiny Group/Elite Tours would be happy to assist you with arrangements. If would like additional information please call.

What kind of Parrothead activities should I expect?
The Parrothead Cruise is a phlocking in paradise.  We do a lot of things to turn an ordinary vacation into a Parrothead Cruise. 

The Parrothead Cruise is a chance to spend time in the little lattitudes with a whole bunch of like-minded fun pholk while sipping boat drinks, lounging on the beach, listening to island music and doing some good for other people while we’re at it. There will be private parties, events and activities just for Parrotheads.  We usually plan at least one group adventure as well.  We’ll also have private concerts with our own Parrothead entertainment. Plus there are quite a few Parrothead Cruise traditions to look forward to, including the sunrise party/musicians jam, the Parrothead pool invasion and the infamous toga night.

How will I know what to do?
When you register you’ll be added to an online group and mailing list exclusively for Parrotheads participating in the adventure.  This will be our central place to discuss the event, to plan our adventures and to crank up the excitement.  As the date grows closer you’ll begin receiving a number of “Cruise Bulletins” that will tell you everything you need to know.  We’ll cover what to pack, what to expect in each of our destinations, tours and trips you may want to take in the places we’ll visit, the agenda of Parrothead activities and lots of tips for first time phlockers and veterans alike.

Why is there a limit to the number of participants?
Limits are imposed for a number of reasons, including the number of rooms made available to us at our discounted rate and the size of rooms and venues available to us for events and shows.

Why do I need to register with you? Can't I just book on my own?
All registered participants receive official Parrothead Cruise credentials. These credentials allow you to participate in our private Parrothead events including all of our concerts, parties and other activities. These events are paid for by a portion of the cruise fare of registered cruisers. A portion also goes toward the cruise charity. Restricting certain events to registered cruisers isn't simply a financial or fairness issue though, there just isn't enough room to accommodate everyone in the private venues.

Do I need a passport?
Most likely, Yes. Both US and Panamanian customs require that American citizens have a current passport when visiting Panama, as well as a visa or Tourist Card. Fear not; a tourist card is generally includied with the airline ticket you buy (look for the $5 fee!) It is important to note that a driver's license alone is not sufficient proof of citizenship. If you do not have proof of citizenship you may be denied boarding to leave the country, or denied entry into Panama, or denied re-entry into the United States. Non-US citizens may need passports, visas or other documentation.  Please visit the Embassy of Panama Consular Services website for additional information.

I'd be travelling alone, what are my options?
The resort charges a premium for people travelling in a room alone, typically 50% more than what you would pay if you had a roommate.  To help, we match up shipmates for Parrotheads travelling alone.  If you would like to be on the Shipmates list, please send your name, contact information including phone number and any roommate preferences (male/female, smoker/nonsmoker) to shipmates@parrotheadcruise.com

Click here to see the Shipmates page

Rooms are limited.  If you know you are going but aren’t sure of your roommates yet, we suggest you register and reserve a room now.  We can add people to your room later, or shift your deposit and payments to another room if necessary.  Registering in advance guarantees that a room will be available, and it allows you to participate in all of the pre-cruise discussion and planning.  Remember, there’s no risk to registering early; deposits and payments are fully refundable until the date announced.

How does the Parrothead Cruise raise money?  Who gets it?
Through incentives from the resort and the booking agency the event generates income. We will also hold a silent auction and a few games and raffles to raise funds. Expenses are paid including promotions, credentials, entertainment, costs for group activities and a bunch of miscellaneous stuff. All proceeds left over go to charity.  We work hard to keep costs to a bare minimum. To date, the Parrothead Cruises have raised over $320,000.00.   The board of the Atlanta Parrot Head Club decides the benefactors.  For the 1999, 2000, and 2001 cruises the monies went to the March of Dimes. From 2002 onward, the proceeds funded various breast cancer charities including the Avon 3-Day Breast Cancer Crusade and It's the Journey, Inc. Presently the cruise supports: Phlockers Battling Breast Cancer, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, the American Cancer Society and the Zonta Club of Key West.

What kind of people go on a Parrothead Cruise?
The people our parents warned us about.   Parrotheads are a pretty diverse group.  Parrothead cruises are a mix of singles and couples, along with a few families with children.  The age range is from early 20’s to late 60’s typically, with the average being somewhere in the 40's.  Of course, once you put on your tropical toga, have a margarita or two and crank up the music, all fruitcakes are the same age.

What have people said about past Parrothead Cruises?
Click here to see reviews of previous cruises.

I can't go this year! Will there be another one?
We certainly hope so! We've already started the ball rolling for Parrothead Cruise 2013 and Parrothead Cruise 2014! The Parrothead Cruise is one of the Atlanta Parrot Head Club's largest philanthropical events and it's one of the greatest phlockings across the nation. Just like Jimmy's summer concerts, we hope they'll never end!

Do I have to belong to a Parrot Head Club?
No. The event is open to anyone who appreciates good times, good music, good people and partying with a purpose! Of course, if you fit this description you might enjoy being a member of a parrot head club. Find a club near you, check them out and get involved.

Is there a Parrothead Club in my area?
Maybe!  There are over 200 Parrot Head Clubs across the country plus international clubs based in Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and Australia. Take a look at the current list of chapters.

Where can I learn more about the Atlanta Parrot Head Club?
Visit our website at http://www.AtlantaParrotHeadClub.org.  If you live in the Atlanta area, please come out and join us at one of our happy hours or community service events.

Is Jimmy Buffett going to be there?
No.  At least, not to our knowledge.  He’s welcome to come along of course.  Hey Jimmy, are you reading this?  Drop us a line.

Who is this Jimmy Buffett guy?
If you really don't know then this event may not be for you.  Then again, maybe it is - you should get out more. Check out Margaritaville to find out.

I've never been to an all-inclusive resort.  What else do I need to know?
The Sheraton Bijao Beach Resort has a very informative web site.  You can find out much more by clicking here.

I thought we were going to a Breezes resort. What changed?
The resort was formerly known as Breezes Panama. As of October 2011 the resort is now run by the Starwood group (the same people who own the Westin, W, Sheraton, St. Regis and other hotel brands) and has been officially renamed to the "Sheraton Bijao Beach Resort". All of the people, facilities and experience are the same, and there are some additional amenities, inclduding minibars in each room (all included!) and free WiFi in the lobby and common areas.

What if I still have questions?
Ask us!  Send an email to info@parrotheadcruise.com.  We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and help in any way we can.


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